Education IT Support & Services in York

Education IT Support & Services in York


The scope of IT within education environments is now beyond the capacity of most in-house provision and rely on their IT systems more than ever.

  • IT systems are now critical to operations in educational institutions. Monitoring of attendance; recording grades; production of timetables; contact information – this data is kept electronically and require efficient, effective and reliable systems.
  • Teachers increasingly use a variety of computer-based programmes to deliver lessons. They need remote access for data entry, planning, report writing; and rely on internal IT systems for email, etc.
  • Students require safe, supervised access to computer programmes and internet sites.
  • Websites are now a main communication tool for schools. OFSTED goes to them as a first point of information. To be this effective resource, sites need regular editing that school staff do not have time to action.
  • GDPR has placed a greater responsibility on schools to ensure data is stored and communicated safely and securely.

Teachers need adequate provision and guidance to deliver lessons using numerous computer based programmes. Students require safe, supervised access to computer programmes and internet sites to support their education; all whilst relying on technology for running the business side of the organisation too.

Meeting Everyone’s’ Needs

We’re are aware that all schools want reliable systems. If technology fails, it can create a cascade of issues that we know you’ll want resolving swiftly. We can work with you to improve your systems, making them more robust, efficient and reducing the chances of failure.

Making The Most of Budgets

We are aware that education budgets are always at capacity. We believe that the best way of delivering the complete service you want is to have a comprehensive understanding of your individual requirements. Speak with one of our helpful team today to find out how we can help you make the most of your budget by contacting us.

Website Development

OFSTED is placing increasing importance on organisations’ website content. As a result, the need for regular development work is growing. There are few schools that have staff with the time and skills to deliver on this. Our development team can work with your institution to ensure your website fully reflects on line what you, your staff and your students reflect in person.

Meeting all of your educational requirements


Fusion Systems offers flexible packages offered to meet the demands of your institution, ensuring your systems are run effectively, securely and economically.


Education IT Support & Services
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