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Security is paramount within any organisation, but especially so for schools and educational institutions. With so much sensitive data to hand it is crucial that your IT security is as robust as any physical security on site. The larger the network and the number of users, the higher the risk. Fusion Systems’ qualified engineers will work with you to understand your requirements. We will put into place systems that will protect you, not only from threats outside of your organisation but those inside as well.

Fusion Systems will give you direct control over exactly who has access to each of your systems and central folders, be that staff or students.

Antivirus & Two Factor Authentication

We can also advise on different antivirus programmes, finding the package for your specific requirements.

Two Factor Authentication (2FA). This is a security measure where access to an account is only granted using a secondary authentication by the user. This is normally via inputting a supplied code or use of an app on a mobile device. Implementing 2FA will strengthen the security of remote connections.

Students Safety

Safeguarding your students’ use of the internet is critical. Fusion Systems can provide guidance on finding the right solution for your institution. This would typically include implementing web blocking on content such as social media, adult material, violence and other categories allowing students to browse the internet safely without supervision.

GDPR Security

GDPR requires that all personal data stored and communicated within the organisation, as well as between other institutions, is secure. We provide guidance and solutions to meet all GDPR requirements. Proactive monitoring systems can be put in place to notify Fusion Systems that suspicious activities are in progress so that they can be stopped in their tracks. We can also help with staff education to help combat identify theft and improve password security.

Meeting all of your educational requirements


Fusion Systems offers flexible packages offered to meet the demands of your institution, ensuring your systems are run effectively, securely and economically.


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