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Staff and students are increasingly relying heavily on your ICT systems daily. It is essential that you can count on your systems to be reliable and achieve what is needed of them throughout your school. Fusion Systems can ensure your infrastructure is capable of handling your current needs – and have scope for expansion when required.

Fusion Systems will assist you to ensure you have an optimum system in place, meeting all your requirements from teaching and learning to operational. Following that our next step is to implement a regular maintenance programme across your infrastructure. Your dedicated Fusion Systems engineer will ensure updates are run and installed when issued. They will also perform general housekeeping of hardware devices. This will support your system, reducing issues and providing sustainability and continuity, allowing it to run more swiftly and error-free. This will prolong the efficiency of all your devices ensuring a more consistent use of all your programmes and packages. A regular support and maintenance programme should be more cost effective for your budget. Proactively preventing issues rather than simply fixing them once they have already occurred is a much more reliable and efficient way of ensuring your systems are flexible and remain operational when you need them most.

Fusion Systems can help you implement and run a system that you are confident will run as you require; when you need it most – each and every day.


At Fusion Systems we are very aware that schools and educational institutions have constantly ever-changing requirements. The needs change based on many different criteria.

Our flexible support contracts allow us to tailor to your needs, and to adapt when you do. We can find the most beneficial arrangement for you; whether you want a weekly 2 hour visit or prefer a whole day per month. We can also offer the option to save accumulated trouble-free time and offset it against future ICT projects, making your budget work more effectively for you.

Additionally, our engineers can help with installing any device you want; from new ICT suites and systems, to servers, desktops, printers, projectors and interactive whiteboards.

Contact us today to arrange an informal chat about how we can make your system, and budget, work for you. We can bring the biscuits!

Meeting all of your educational requirements


Fusion Systems offers flexible packages offered to meet the demands of your institution, ensuring your systems are run effectively, securely and economically.


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