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Data Backups

Data backup is a form of backing up information so you can restore vital information quickly and easily in case of virus infection, corruption or deletion.

Data backup plans allow many organisations to comply with strict industry codes of conduct. Financial services, legal practices, medical practices and even charities that hold patient records are all examples of sectors that have recognised the need for preventing data loss as well as providing GDPR compliant systems.

Fusion Systems can support you in identifying the right backup option for you. Initially, a full backup is recommended, following which data can be backed up incrementally or differentially. Whichever solution you use, it is important that it is regularly tested to ensure the correct data is being saved.

Data can be stored in two ways, either mirrored onto a hard drive or using software to back up to a different media. Both options have their advantages; a quick consultation with Fusion Systems will identify which is the best choice for you. We design suitable backup solutions to cater to your business needs and these can include more than one technology including cloud-based GDPR compliant offsite backups.

Disaster Recovery

A Disaster recovery plan is a set of processes and procedures to recover and protect business IT infrastructure that is an essential part of your organisation’s foundation. Once you have acknowledged that the technology you possess is an essential asset to your company, you should have a process in place to limit the risk that your organisation would face were that asset to be lost - as the consequences can be catastrophic.

Whilst the chance of needing a Disaster Recovery process might appear to be low, the importance of having it if something occurred cannot be underestimated. How would your business continue to function if your technologies were lost due to fire or theft? Physical insured items can be replaced quickly however, specific business data cannot.

As with any insurance, there is a tendency for clients to believe the cost is too high for the potential risk rather than seeing it as a small price to pay to ensure the smooth running of their business should the worst happen.

Having a Disaster Recovery system solution in place is also a requirement for cyber insurance as it demonstrates that your organisation has a robust and reliable contingency plan in place, should there be a catastrophic event, which is both reliable and reactive.

You have many ways to reduce downtime and business continuity if a disaster occurs. Fusion Systems can help advise you on the best option for your business needs and for your budget.

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