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Microsoft Windows Server

Microsoft Windows Server is an enterprise class operating solution. Designed to allow multiple users to share services, Microsoft Windows Server also provides extensive, centralised, administrative control of all data storage, applications and corporate networks.

The key feature of Microsoft Windows Server is active directory. This system automates the management of user data, security and distributed resources. It acts as a server manager and central configuration area to make changes to local or remote machines an easier and more controllable task. Active Directory can be configured to allow a single sign on process, using one set of credentials over multiple applications. This can reduce the administration tasks when a user leaves the company, to allow you to disable one account for all, thereby reducing security risk.

As well as Active Directory, Microsoft Windows Server can act as your central remote access tool and network manager. This empowers businesses to control internal Domain Name Servers, Dynamic Hosting Configuration Protocols, IP networking, Virtual Private Networking and much more.

Microsoft Windows Server is a good companion to cloud-based services. Acting as the local security for businesses, which use external resource. Due to centralising systems, it helps with securing your local environment as well as providing a robust and powerful all-purpose business tool to help with your internal needs.

Whether it is a migration from an old version or a new implementation, Fusion Systems can help provide the right solution for you.

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