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The network is a collection of computers, servers, network devices and Peripherals. Within an organisation, a network creates the underlying technologies so that devices can talk to one another and provides the necessary information to work together as a team.

The following hardware provides the basic Framework of a standard network:

  • The Hub is a device, which connects your cabling together in a single network topology. These devices are generally cheaper than switches as they are not configurable. Data is sent to all ports at the same time and are prone to network congestion, as each device needs to resolve conflicts.
  • The switch is a device, which is more intelligent than a hub. These are considered faster if configured properly.
  • The router is a device, which interconnects two or more networks together and provides internet connectivity.
  • The Firewalls is a device to secure your network and acts as a physical barrier from external sources. If configured or managed incorrectly then it is pointless having one.

Fusion Systems can help bridge the knowledge gap by providing services to help configuration and manage all network devices across your business. Incorporating design, cabling, hardware/software configuration as well as network management.

Network Security

Network Security is a process performed to assure the protection and handling of your data and network. The process performed will guide you to protecting a variety of threats and blocks them from infecting other key systems and spreading throughout your network. Threats can be in the form of both hardware and software technologies.

Monitoring and good backups are key to successfully combating threats. Pro-active systems can be put in place to notify Fusion Systems that suspicious activities are in progress so they can be stopped in their tracks.

Various systems can be put into place within an organisation to reduce threats. These can be in the form of the following:

  • Antivirus / Antimalware software
  • Firewalls to protect internal and external network access
  • Disaster recovery to protect your data if the inevitable has occurred.
  • Access Control to enforce security policies across users.
  • Monitoring to detect suspicious activities.
  • Email Security to reduce sensitive data loss.
  • Business grade routers to prevent intrusion and scan network traffic to block attacks.
  • Virtual Private networks to encrypt the connection from remote users.
  • Staff Education to combat identity theft -

Fusion Systems have qualified engineers who will work with you to understand your requirements and ensure that systems can be put into place that will protect you, not only from threats outside of your organisation but those inside as well.

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