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Getting the right IT related solution is crucial to the smooth running of a business.

Fusion Systems are here to help. Our bespoke range of solutions can help reduce issues, remove single points of failure and improve performance. We also offer a disaster recovery process to give you peace of mind that all your company’s IT requirements are secure should the worst happen.

Not Sure Which Solution Is For You?

We don’t expect you to know the technical details of what you want, that’s our job! Let us know what you require your systems to do and then leave it to us to offer you a choice of appropriate solutions. Getting the right solution for you depends entirely on a correct assessment of what is currently in place and what is needed. If you are unsure what solutions we can provide, just give us a call and one of our experienced engineers can talk through all the options suitable for you.

The Process

Regardless of which solution you require, we will follow the same steps. Starting with an investigation so we know exactly what you already have and what you need. Once we know this, our experienced engineers can design an appropriate plan for you, sometimes being able to offer demonstrations of what is available. After explaining this and getting your approval to continue, they will then build and test your solution before finally implementing it within your business in the least disruptive way possible, minimising downtime for your business.

The Bigger Picture

Implementing solutions can also have a larger influence on your business. They can raise staff morale, increase productivity, reduce staff overheads and ultimately allow business stakeholders/owners to concentrate on core business, rather than internal IT issues.

Additional Information

Microsoft Server

Microsoft Windows Server is an enterprise class operating solution, designed to share services with multiple users and provides extensive centralised administration.

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Hosting is a means to provide companies with the tools necessary to provide an internet presence / service.

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Hosting is a means to provide companies with the tools necessary to provide an internet presence / service.

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Backups & Disaster Recovery

Data backup is a form of backing up information so you can restore vital information quickly and easily in case of virus infection, corruption or deletion.

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Networking & Security

The network is a collection of computers, creating the underlying technologies so that devices can talk to one another and provides the necessary information to work together as a team.

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Office 365 & System Migration

Migrations are completed by either moving programs to newer hardware infrastructure or different software platforms, allowing businesses to work more effectively.

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