Backup and disaster recovery

Safeguarding your business

Ensuring the security and continuity of your business operations is of paramount importance as data loss or system failure can be catastrophic, leading to downtime, financial losses, and damaged reputation. Fusion Systems offers comprehensive Data Protection and Disaster Recovery solutions to fortify your business against unforeseen disruptions.

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In today’s digital age, safeguarding your business information is not just a precaution; it’s a necessity. The ability to swiftly recover crucial data in the face of threats like viruses, corruption, or accidental deletion is the linchpin of resilience. Data backup isn’t merely about protection; it’s a means to align with stringent industry standards. Sectors such as finance, law, healthcare, and charitable organisations that handle sensitive client records have all embraced the dual imperative of data preservation and GDPR compliance.

At Fusion Systems, our expertise ensures that you select the optimal backup solution, beginning with a comprehensive initial data backup. As your needs evolve, we offer incremental or differential backup options tailored to your specifications to optimise costs. What’s more, you can decide what information gets backed up and rest assured, we regularly validate the integrity of your stored data.

Choosing how to store your data presents choices—mirroring onto hard drives or utilising software to back up onto different media. Both options have their merits, but the perfect choice for your business lies within a quick consultation with us. Our tailored backup solutions are designed to align lock step with your specific requirements, encompassing various technologies, including secure cloud-based GDPR-compliant and offsite backups.

We understand data is your business’s lifeline and are here to ensure its uninterrupted flow.


Explore the world of data protection and secure business continuity with Fusion Systems’ cutting-edge backup solutions, designed to safeguard your critical information and provide peace of mind.

Comprehensive data backup solutions

Our comprehensive data backup solutions provide peace of mind by securely backing up your critical data, reducing anxiety about potential data loss.

Tailored backup strategies

Tailoring your backup strategy to your budget ensures cost efficiency, saving you money without compromising data security.

Regulatory compliance assurance

Our services ensure regulatory compliance, making it easy to meet industry-specific regulations and maintain the integrity of sensitive data.

Quick and hassle-free data recovery

With our quick and easy data recovery process, you can count on minimal disruption to your business operations.

Protection against cyber threats

Our robust backup solutions shield your data from virus infections and cyberattacks, enhancing your cybersecurity defences.

Customised backup solutions

Customise your backup strategy to your needs, giving you control over what data to back up and how it’s done.

Secure offsite backups

Our secure offsite backup options ensure the highest level of data security, keeping your information safe and confidential.

Insurance compliance

Fulfilling cyber insurance requirements with our comprehensive disaster recovery plan demonstrates your commitment to risk management.

Secure offsite backups

Our secure offsite backup options ensure the highest level of data security, keeping your information safe and confidential.

Expert guidance

Rely on our expertise to receive knowledgeable support and recommendations for the best backup and disaster recovery options designed to your business needs and budget.

Business continuity assurance

Our solutions minimise downtime and guarantee uninterrupted operations, ensuring your business runs smoothly despite unforeseen disasters.

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Be sure to secure your business data before disaster strikes. With Fusion Systems, you can protect your valuable information and ensure business continuity, all while staying compliant with industry regulations. Contact us today for a personalised consultation and protect your business against the unexpected.

Disaster Recovery


Here are some of the benefits of having a disaster recovery plan in place. 

Tailored Recovery Strategies

Our tailored recovery strategies are designed to fit your business requirements, guaranteeing minimal downtime and maximum continuity.


Data Replication

Data replication allows you to mirror critical information in real time, allowing for rapid recovery and uninterrupted business operations.


Offsite Data Storage

Secure offsite data storage protects your valuable data, even in physical disasters.


Rapid Recovery Processes

Our rapid recovery processes minimise downtime, allowing you to return to business swiftly and efficiently.


Continuous Monitoring and Testing

Continuous monitoring and testing of your DR plan ensure its effectiveness, providing you with confidence in your disaster readiness.


Risk Mitigation

By implementing a DR plan, you significantly reduce the risk to your organisation in case of technological failures, fires, or theft.


Compliance Assurance

Our DR solutions help your organisation meet compliance requirements, demonstrating a robust contingency plan to regulatory authorities.


Resource Allocation Efficiency

Optimising resource allocation through our DR services ensures you are well-prepared and have enough time to stretch your budget.


Customised Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) and Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs)

Tailor your recovery objectives to align with your business priorities, enabling you to recover what matters quickly and efficiently.


Expert Guidance

Rely on our expertise to receive knowledgeable support and recommendations for the best Disaster Recovery strategies tailored to your business needs and budget.


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Protect your organisation against the unforeseen with Fusion Systems’ Disaster Recovery solutions. Ensure business continuity, regulatory compliance, and peace of mind despite the most challenging circumstances.