Microsoft windows server

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Are you looking for an enterprise-class operating solution that facilitates seamless collaboration among multiple users and elevates your organisation’s efficiency and security? Look no further than Microsoft Server Solutions, a robust platform designed to revolutionise how you manage data storage, applications, and corporate networks.

Microsoft Windows Server embodies enterprise-level innovation, facilitating seamless collaboration among multiple users. This dynamic operating solution empowers organisations by centralising administrative control. Its unparalleled reliability and adaptability sets it apart, ensuring smooth scaling to meet evolving needs.

A versatile, modern platform

In the era of digital transformation, organisations are embracing new horizons, running business-critical workloads across diverse landscapes, including the cloud, on-premises environments, and the edge. As this digital evolution accelerates, the need to safeguard workloads and data has never been more critical.

Windows Server 2022 stands at the forefront of this transformation, empowering you to deploy business-critical workloads seamlessly wherever needed— within your secure data centre, in the dynamic cloud ecosystem, or at the cutting edge of your operations.

This latest release builds upon the exceptional foundations laid by 2019, a milestone marked by its unprecedented adoption rate. Windows Server 2022 takes this legacy to new heights, offering advanced multi-layer security, dynamic hybrid capabilities with Microsoft Azure, and a versatile platform for modernising your applications through the power of containers.

Windows Server 2022 offers even more advanced features and enhancements to meet the evolving needs of businesses. It provides a comprehensive solution for businesses seeking security, flexibility, and scalability in their IT infrastructure, making it a valuable asset for organisations in today’s digital landscape. More than just a technological leap, Windows Server 2022 positions you to proactively defend against emerging security threats, ensuring the integrity and resilience of your data assets.

At Fusion Systems, our team boasts extensive expertise in managing diverse Windows Server solutions. We are committed to offering you expert guidance and tailored recommendations to align the perfect Microsoft Server with your business needs. Whether it’s an on-site server, a data centre solution, or a cloud-based option, we focus on configuring and optimising it to deliver maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Key features

Active directory

Microsoft Windows Server’s cornerstone feature, Active Directory, revolutionises the management of user data, security, and distributed resources. Acting as a central configuration hub simplifies and enhances server management while allowing seamless control over local and remote machines.

This enables you to effortlessly manage user accounts whilst reducing administrative overhead and enables enhanced security and minimised administrative time with single sign-on capability.

Your network manager

Beyond Active Directory, Microsoft Windows Server is your central remote access tool and network manager, granting your business control over internal Domain Name Servers, Dynamic Hosting Configuration Protocols, IP networking, Virtual Private Networking, and much more. This enables you to streamline network management and boosting operational efficiency whilst ensuring secure remote access and safeguarding your data and resources.

Local security for external resources

Microsoft Windows Server seamlessly complements cloud-based services, supporting local security for businesses tapping into external resources. Centralising systems enhance the security of your local environment, providing a robust, versatile, all-purpose tool for your internal requirements.

Benefits of Microsoft Windows Server

Windows Server 2022 can significantly benefit your business, enabling you to confidently embrace the future and drive your digital transformation journey forward.

Run workloads anywhere

Windows Server 2022 allows you to run business-critical workloads seamlessly across your data centre, the cloud, and the edge, giving you the flexibility to adapt to changing business needs.

Enhanced security

With the rise in cybersecurity threats, Windows Server 2022 prioritises security by offering advanced multi-layer security features, providing robust protection against potential attack vectors.

Secured-core server

Benefit from powerful threat protection from hardware to the operating system. The secured-core server employs TPM 2.0 and System Guard to securely boot Windows Server, reducing risks associated with firmware vulnerabilities.

Virtualisation-based security (VBS)

The secured-core server includes VBS features like Credential Guard and Hypervisor-protected code integrity (HVCI) to enhance security.

Secure connectivity

Windows Server 2022 ensures secure connectivity to your business-critical assets, adding an extra layer of security during data transport. It introduces faster and more secure encrypted HTTPS connections and industry-standard AES-256 encryption for the SMB protocol.

Seamless cloud integration

Seamlessly integrate your on-premises Windows Server environment with Microsoft Azure, enabling hybrid cloud solutions to extend your capabilities and resources.

Modernise applications with containers

Windows Server 2022 offers a flexible platform for modernising applications using containers, making deploying, managing, and scaling applications easier.


By utilising Windows Server 2022’s capabilities, you can optimise your IT infrastructure and potentially reduce costs while ensuring top-tier security and performance.

Stay ahead of emerging threats

Windows Server 2022 helps you proactively address emerging security threats, protecting your data and workloads.

Why not discover the potential of Microsoft Windows Server as your trusted IT companion? Elevate collaboration, streamline user management, and strengthen your network security with a solution that seamlessly adapts to your business growth.

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