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What is virtualisation?

 Virtualisation is making virtual copies of physical hardware, meaning you can have many virtual computers working together on one real computer. As you don’t need to look after as many physical computer resources, this helps save money and makes it easier for different computer parts to work together smoothly.

Are you looking to streamline your IT infrastructure, reduce operational costs, and enhance the flexibility of your systems? Fusion Systems is your trusted Virtualisation and Platform Consolidation solutions partner, providing your business with cutting-edge technology. Discover the key benefits of our offerings below.


Effortless virtualisation

Our solutions transform physical assets into versatile software-based alternatives, enabling multiple instances to coexist seamlessly in a single ecosystem.

Hardware simplification

Say goodbye to the hassles of maintaining and supporting extensive hardware. Our Virtualisation solutions reduce operational costs by optimising resource utilisation.

Enhanced integration

Achieve unparalleled integration capabilities between various hardware devices, promoting synergy within your IT environment.

Hyper-V and VMWare technologies

We leverage industry-leading technologies such as Hyper-V and VMWare to provide the most robust and reliable virtualisation solutions.

Server consolidation

If you’re juggling multiple servers, Fusion Systems can consolidate them into just one or two physical systems, dramatically lowering your total cost of ownership.

Scalable applications

Our virtual systems enable you to scale applications and operating systems dynamically, ensuring optimal resource allocation as needed.

Live cluster failover

Benefit from the peace of mind with live cluster failover capabilities. In catastrophic failure, the redundant system seamlessly takes over, ensuring uninterrupted operations.

Legacy application support

Extend the life of legacy applications without the burden of maintaining end-of-life hardware. Run multiple operating systems on the same hardware, maximising cost-effectiveness.

Cost efficiency

Our virtualisation solutions reduce hardware costs and significantly save operational expenses, making it a wise investment for your business.

Expert guidance

Rely on Fusion Systems’ expertise and knowledge to implement virtualisation smoothly within your environment. Our experienced team will guide you every step of the way.

Platform consolidation

Platform consolidation is the strategic approach of streamlining and optimising an organisation’s IT infrastructure. It’s about simplifying and harmonising the hardware, software, and systems underpinning a business’s digital operations. 

By bringing together disparate platforms, applications, and resources into a unified ecosystem, platform consolidation aims to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and improve the overall agility of an organisation’s IT environment. 

This transformational process allows businesses to operate more cohesively, enabling continuous communication between different parts of the IT landscape and positioning them to adapt and innovate efficiently in an ever-evolving technological landscape. Here are some benefits of consolidating platforms within your business’ architectural topology.

Integration of diverse systems

This feature enhances collaboration and productivity by simplifying communication and data sharing among systems and teams.

Simplified IT infrastructure

Streamlined processes and reduced complexity improve operational efficiency, reducing downtime and enhancing overall efficiency.

Centralised management

Centralised management leads to more efficient resource monitoring, maintenance, and allocation, ensuring optimal resource utilisation across the organisation.

Cost reduction

By eliminating duplicate systems and reducing resource redundancy, platform consolidation leads to significant cost savings, allowing for strategic investments.

Enhanced security

Centralised security management simplifies implementing and maintaining robust security protocols, resulting in improved overall security.


A consolidated platform’s adaptability to changing business needs and growth enhances an organisation’s ability to respond to market changes and remain agile.

If you want to optimise IT operations, streamline efficiency, and make significant cost savings through Virtualisation and Platform Consolidation, look no further than Fusion Systems.

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