Networking and security

Connectivity assured, security guaranteed

Fusion Systems offers cutting-edge Networking and Security solutions to elevate your organisation’s connectivity while safeguarding your invaluable data. Our range of services enhances your network’s performance and strengthens its defences against external and internal threats.


Networking plays a crucial role by connecting various devices like computers, servers, and network equipment. It is the connection of computer systems, enabling devices to operate cohesively.

The key hardware components for optimum networking include the following:

The hub

An essential component, the hub efficiently links cabling within a unified network topology. While cost-effective, hubs transmit data simultaneously to all ports, potentially causing network congestion. We resolve these challenges with expertise in conflict resolution, ensuring uninterrupted operations.

The switch

The switch is a swift and smart conductor of network traffic and runs faster than a hub when configured correctly. When expertly configured by us, it surpasses the capabilities of traditional hubs, guaranteeing swift data transmission and connectivity.

The router

An intelligent and agile conductor of network traffic, the switch operates at remarkable speeds. We ensure your organisation stays effortlessly connected to the internet, giving you smooth access to the wide web world.

The firewall

The firewall protects your network from external threats. Realising its full potential hinges on precise configuration and careful management. We provide the expertise required to manage the capabilities of firewalls, defending your digital assets at all times.

Bridging the knowledge gap

Our services bridge the knowledge gap by offering comprehensive support in configuring and managing all network devices within your business. From design and cabling to hardware and software configuration and network management, we ensure your networking infrastructure is functional and optimised for peak performance.


Ensuring your data and network’s integrity and security is a fundamental priority. Networking security, commonly known as security, plays a pivotal role in shielding against various threats, encompassing hardware and software vulnerabilities. At Fusion Systems, we are dedicated to bolstering your network’s defences, offering proactive solutions that guarantee the ongoing protection of your valuable data. Here’s how we can bring value to your business:

Antivirus / antimalware software

Our antivirus and antimalware software tirelessly scan and eliminate threats before they can compromise your data. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your assets are protected from harmful intrusions.

Firewalls for network protection

Our firewalls act as impenetrable barriers, guaranteeing internal and external network access protection. With our firewalls, your network mitigates against unauthorised access and potential threats.

Disaster recovery

Our disaster recovery solutions ensure the resilience of your data. Should the worst occur, rest assured that your critical information remains protected and recoverable.

Access control for security policies

Enforce stringent security policies across your organisation with our access control solutions. Maintain complete control over user access, reducing vulnerabilities and ensuring data remains in trusted hands.

Proactive monitoring

Our monitoring systems keep a watchful eye on your network, swiftly detecting and countering suspicious activities. With vigilant monitoring, potential threats are identified and addressed before they escalate.

Email security

Minimise the risk of sensitive data loss with our email security measures. Protect your organisation’s confidential information, ensuring it remains confidential in all communication channels.

Business-grade routers

Our business-grade routers are powerful gatekeepers, preventing intrusion attempts and scanning network traffic to block potential attacks.

Virtual private networks (VPNs)

We offer Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) that encrypt connections, guaranteeing the secure transmission of data. Connect with confidence, regardless of your location.

Staff education

Combat identity theft and strengthen your network’s security posture with our staff education programs. Equip your team with the knowledge they need to protect your business, from effective password management to two-factor authentication best practices.

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